ADHD is a FAKE Disease Invented by Big Pharma to Drug Children For Profit


PROOF that ADHD is a made-up condition for the benefit of Big Pharma.

ADHD diagnoses are on the rise, there is no denying it.

Doctors speak of the Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ‘epidemic’ that is happening across the country.

But just because doctors are diagnosing more and more cases, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these children have anything wrong with them at all.

The condition really is a product of our time. 30, even 20 years ago there were hardly any cases of this behavioral condition at all.

So where did it come from? One writer thinks that Big Pharma could have the answer.

Joe Jarvis of the Daily Bell writes in this piece how ADHD is an invention by Big Pharma, created in order to sell medication. Could he be right?

Reading stats about ADHD you could be fooled into thinking this condition affects children of all backgrounds. But this is not strictly true.

As Jarvis points out, there are pockets in the country where the condition is much higher than others. So what’s the connection?

He states that some of the highest incidences of ADHD occur in the states of Arkansas and Kentucky. Jarvis makes the distinction that these two states are where children also spend most time outdoors.

He writes:

“These were the closest indicators I could think of that Kentucky and Arkansas children are more interested in being outside and active than cooped up in a classroom,”

So he highlights the fact that children who are ‘badly behaved’ i.e suffering with ADHD would simply prefer to be outside. Are children being labelled with ADHD simply because have too much energy and would prefer to be outside?

Traditional values

It is all too easy these days to get a prescription for one type of psychoactive medication or another. Jarvis argues that children who are labelled as having a ‘problem’ are all to easily given drugs to try and change their behavior rather than changing their environment.

While this research is not conclusive, it certainly raises an interesting question about ADHD diagnoses and environment.

In the piece, Jarvis also states his findings:

“suggests that the states with the highest instances of ADHD diagnosis are also states where the traditional values of public education are least aligned with the population.”

Big Pharma are more than ready to sell parents a drug which will alter their child’s behavior. But all that it might take instead is a change of environment.