Experts: Alzheimer’s Disease Might Be ‘Foodborne’


Strong link found between brain degenerative diseases and a certain protein

There is now an increasing amount of research coming out that shows a significant link between a certain kind of protein and neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s for example). This protein is called TDP-43 and it acts like the toxic and infectious proteins, called prions. These proteins are what cause damage in the brain among animals suffering from Chronic Wasting and Mad Cow disease.

The TDP-43 protein is proving to have significant effects on Alzheimer’s patients

More research into Alzheimer’s patients revealed that those with the TDP-43 protein were 10 times more likely to have cognitive disorders when they pass away. This was compared to those who didn’t have the protein. The question then was, why do some people have TDP-43, and others don’t?

Some research suggests that humans are being infected by TDP-43 by eating meats

There are some prions which can work for your cells, and there are others that cause neurodegeneration. TDP-43 is one that causes problems. It has been found that animals that were once herbivores are now eating more animals than before. The research suggest that the contaminated meats eaten by these animals contains TDP-43 and is infecting humans. That’s why experts advise avoiding meats that have been raised in confined animal feeding operations. These animals are fed genetically engineered grains and antibiotics which is a mixture ripe for spreading disease in animals and humans.

Scientists believe Alzheimer’s is a slower moving version of Mad Cow disease

It is known that eating that’s infected with Mad Cow Disease will cause you to develop the human version of the disease. This is called Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and it produces similar symptoms to Alzheimer’s. This includes memory loss, dementia, and eyesight impairments. There is also no current cure. Some scientists believe that Alzheimer’s is a more gradual version of Mad Cow disease and develops due to eating meats that are contaminated with TDP-43.

More natural farming will help to prevent these man-made diseases

Alzheimer’s disease is the third biggest killer in the U.S. The links between Alzheimer’s being a slower version of Mad Cow disease are becoming more and more compelling but all theories are pointing towards one major cause. Factories who change their animals’ diet to unnatural grains that also contain antibiotics. This creates a cycle of disease that is the root cause for some neurodegenerative disorders. Making the animals’ diets go back to being natural will prevent any man-made diseases, like Mad Cow, Chronic Wasting, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.