A List of 57 Marijuana Stocks to Invest In – Or Not


Marijuana stocks have been on a tear lately, which may explain why our recent articles on Canopy Growth Corp (CGC) and Aphria (APH) have been some of the most popular so far this year. There’s clearly some “there” there and since we exist to serve the interests of our readers, we decided to get it all out there and put together a comprehensive list of marijuana stocks for you all to pore over. We’re going to preface this by saying just because any stock made it to this list does not mean that a) you should invest in it or b) it has anything to do with marijuana whatsoever.

This list of marijuana stocks we’ve put together is largely based on the “weed index” that Bloomberg put together last year. (Note that no respectable index provider would ever, EVER include an over-the-counter (OTC) stock in an index which is why you need to visualize some serious air quotes when we say “weed index”.) We just want to get that list out there so everyone can see all the names in one place and we can continue adding to it. We’ve already warned you against investing in marijuana stocks, and then we warned you yet again just in case you weren’t paying attention the first time. Without further ado, here is a list of all the marijuana stocks that we could find with a market cap cutoff of $5 million (all numbers expressed in USD).

A List of 57 Marijuana Stocks

CompanyTickerShare PriceCap (USD)FocusCountry
Cannabix TechnologiesCNSX:BLO0.7953BreathalyzerCanada
Lifeloc TechnologiesOTCMKTS:LCTC9.1325BreathalyzerUSA
GW PharmaceuticalsNASDAQ:GWPH1343430Cannabinoid DrugU.K.
Arena PharmaceuticalsNASDAQ:ARNA1.64406Cannabinoid DrugUSA
Axim BiotechnologiesOTCMKTS:AXIM3.7150Cannabinoid DrugUSA
Cannabis ScienceOTCMKTS:CBIS0.04697Cannabinoid DrugUSA
Cannabics PharmaceuticalsOTCMKTS:CNBX0.7879Cannabinoid DrugUSA
CV SciencesOTCMKTS:CVSI0.4326Cannabinoid DrugUSA
Vitality BiopharmaOTCMKTS: VBIO1.4317Cannabinoid DrugUSA
InMed PharmaceuticalsOTCMKTS:IMLFF0.126Cannabinoid DrugCanada
Medical Marijuana Inc.OTCMKTS:MJNA0.13460Holding CompanyUSA
United CannabisOTCMKTS:CNAB1.779Holding CompanyUSA
Terra Tech CorpOTCMKTS:TRTC0.42217InfrastructureUSA
Pineapple ExpressOTCMKTS:PNPL5268InvestorUSA
Mentor CapitalOTCMKTS:MNTR1.221InvestorUSA
Bud GeniusOTCMKTS:RIGH0.00026Laboratory TestingUSA
Freedom Leaf Inc.OTCMKTS:FRLF0.1514MediaUSA
Nutritional High InternationalCNSX:EAT0.2536NeutraceuticalsCanada
Phytotech MedicalASX:MMJ0.1626NeutraceuticalsAustralia
Naturally Splendid EnterprisesCVE:NSP0.3824NeutraceuticalsCanada
Earth Science TechOTCMKTS:ETST0.4117NeutraceuticalsUSA
Wildflower MarijuanaCNSX:SUN178NeutraceuticalsCanada
22nd Century GroupNYSEMKT:XXII1.19112Plant BiotechUSA
Canopy GrowthTSE:CGC9.991390ProductionCanada
Aurora CannabisCVE:ACB1.95503ProductionCanada
Mettrum HealthCVE:MT5.04265ProductionCanada
OrganiGram HoldingsCVE:OGI2.85243ProductionCanada
Surpreme PharmaceuticalsCNSX:SL1.22189ProductionCanada
Emerald Health TherapeuticsCVE:EMH0.8655ProductionCanada
Golden Leaf HoldingsCNSX:GLH0.3126ProductionCanada
Canadian CannabisOTCMKTS:CCAN0.7223ProductionCanada
Vodis PharmaceuticalsCNSX:VP0.095ProductionCanada
Zoned Properties Inc.OTCMKTS:ZDPY2.344PropertyUSA
Grow CondosOTCMKTS:GRWC1.3239PropertyUSA
MJ HoldingsOTCMKTS:MJNE1.3121PropertyUSA
mCig IncOTCMKTS:MCIG0.1878VaporizersUSA
Namaste TechnologiesCNSX:N0.2313VaporizersCanada
PUF VenturesCNSX:PUF0.215VaporizersCanada
Vape HoldingsOTCMKTS:VAPE0.015VaporizersUSA
Cannagrow HoldingsOTCMKTS:CGRW1.75178Various ServicesUSA
Cannabis SativaOTCMKTS:CBDS5.93108Various ServicesUSA
American CannabisOTCMKTS:AMMJ1.1877Various ServicesUSA
General Cannabis CorpOTCMKTS:CANN4.2677Various ServicesUSA
CannLabsOTCMKTS:CANL0.534Various ServicesUSA
Rocky Mountain HighOTCMKTS:RMHB0.0427Various ServicesUSA
GrowBlox SciencesOTCMKTS:GBLX0.3823Various ServicesUSA
American GreenOTCMKTS:ERBB0.001813Various ServicesUSA
Agritek HoldingsOTCMKTS:AGTK0.0412Various ServicesUSA
Hemp IncOTCMKTS:HEMP0.03110Various ServicesUSA
STWC HoldingsOTCMKTS:STWC0.3710Various ServicesUSA
Tetra Bio-PharmaCNSX:TBP0.158Various ServicesCanada
Med-Cannabis PharmaOTCMKTS:MCPI0.137Various ServicesUSA
Northsight CapitalOTCMKTS:NCAP0.1719WebsitesUSA

This turned out to be quite the task. We saw companies changing their names to avoid the backlash of investors who lost their shorts investing in pipe dreams. We saw plenty of addresses in Florida and Nevada (favored places for pump and dump stocks). We saw everything from software companies to mining companies that suddenly decided their core competency was working with marijuana. We saw many companies with market caps so low that your house is probably worth more. We saw quite a few “if and when we get a license we’ll become a producer” business models. In general, we saw a lot of over-the-counter OTC trash that sophisticated institutional investors wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole and neither should you. So, now that we’ve got our list of 55 marijuana stocks published for everyone to see, let’s make a few observations here.

  • The legitimate plays here seem to be the Canadian growers like APH and CGC that are actually growing and selling a lot of weed. That’s what this opportunity is all about.
  • The major players in the USA seem to be private companies that aren’t reflected in the above list
  • Many of the companies traded on major Canadian exchanges also have an ADR on the OTC market. Essentially this means that as a U.S. investor, you can buy shares in Canadian companies via the OTC market. Examples include PharmaCan (OTCMKTS:PRMCF), Aphria (OTCMKTS:APHQF), Canopy Growth Corp (OTCMKTS:TWMJF), Aurora Cannabis (OTCMKTS:ACBFF), Organigram Holdings (OTCMKTS:OGRMF), Mettrum Health (OTCMKTS:MQTRF), Supreme Pharmaceuticals (OTCMKTS:SPRWF), and Golden Leaf Holdings (OTCMKTS:GLDFF).
  • There is a lot of garbage out there

Now that we have our list, let’s take a look at the various types of stocks in that list.

Marijuana Stock Industry Sectors

Let’s remember that the compelling investment thesis here is that when marijuana becomes legal everywhere, it will be consumed in much the same way alcohol is. Alcohol is an industry worth upwards of $200 billion in the United States alone. That’s why there is so much interest in marijuana stocks. In the same article that Bloomberg presented their “marijuana stock index” they also attempted to dissect the “industry” into a distinct number of areas as seen below:

marijuana stock industry segments

Source: Bloomberg

In looking at this list, we find some of these categories more compelling than others. Pharma is just not that interesting to us because cannabinoids have been around for a long time. It’s hard to believe that suddenly the legality of marijuana will uncover all these magical properties of weed. Producer and consumer are the areas we’d be most interested in digging into because that is where the real money is at. Just look at CGC and APH. The other like real estate, consulting, and infrastructure are probably already covered by companies that have been doing this sort of stuff for years.

Key Takeaways for Marijuana Stock Investors

  • Remember back in the day when someone would tell you he could get good dank green buds for $50 a bag and then the guy would show up with some Mexican brick weed instead? Investing in over-the-counter (OTC) stocks is kind of like that. Invest in any of the U.S. based OTC stocks above at your own peril. Diversification will not help much either.
  • Canadian growers like CGC and APH have had great runs. If you buy shares today and you lose 50%of your investment on a pull back, you should see it as a buying opportunity. We’re investors, not speculators. When building a position you should use dollar cost averaging.
  • As we pointed out before, there is a huge investment being made in private marijuana startups by venture capitalists (VCs) like Peter Thiel. These VCs know there is strong demand for marijuana stocks from retail investors (many who are also consumers). Expect to see an IPO sooner rather than later.
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