Terminal cancer patient claims cannabis has shrunk her brain tumours

A cancer patient who was given just weeks to live claims the tumours in her brain are now shrinking – after taking both legal and illegal forms of cannabis.

Gemma Elsworth, from Hirwaun , near Aberdare , went blind, lost movement in her left side, and even struggled to swallow when the tumours grew larger.

But now she claims as a result of taking cannabis-derived CBD oil and crushed-up forms of the plant, in conjunction with chemotherapy, that the tumours have shrunk in size by half.

Studies suggest cannabis compounds may kill certain malignant cells in the lab but experts warn there is no definitive proof yet of its effects on cancer in humans.

“The CBD oil turned things around for me,” said Gemma.

Gemma Elsworth, left, with mum Kay at home in Hirwaun (Image: Mark Lewis)

“In December 2017 they said nothing would cure me as the tumours were so advanced and chemotherapy would only give me a few weeks or months.

“I came home in January and have regained some use of my left side and can do much more than I could eight weeks ago.

“I’ve started walking with a stick and my eyesight is coming back after three years.

“If it wasn’t for the CBD oil I don’t think I’d be here now.”

Gemma Elsworth (right) pictured with her sister Sarah

Gemma was just 10 months old when her parents noticed bruising to her eye which turned out to be cancerous.

She was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a very rare form of the disease that attacks the soft tissue of the body, and she later needed her right eye removed.

She also needed facial reconstruction when the disease spread to her nose and jaw.

Looking back to when she first noticed problems with Gemma’s eye, her mum Kay Elsworth said: “She was still happy and eating but it got to the point where you could see the tumour growing on her face.

“Then one day her cot was full of watery blood. We just knew something urgent needed to be done.”