U.S Media Silent After UN Calls for Full Decriminalization of Drug Use Worldwide


Transparency in the mainstream media is not something that you rely on, but this is ridiculous.



A groundbreaking decision by the UN which has moved to make ALL drugs decriminalized has been largely ignored by the U.S mainstream media, could this be something to do with Trump’s contrary decision to re-ignite the ‘war on drugs’.

The UN have made steps forward to the decriminalization of drugs in order for people to receive better healthcare, as the World Health Organisation stated, they want to “ending discrimination in health care settings.”

It present in many places, drug addicts are treated as second class citizens and their healthcare needs are often overshadowed by their drug problem. Pretending that these people have happily chosen to become dependent on drugs and to punish them for their situation has been shown to be incredibly detrimental both for the addicts and for the healthcare system.